Thursday, April 13, 2017

Still here....

I'm still here and even doing a little stitching.  I finished that Mom's Shit List and will be posting pics when I have it displayed.  My current project is the Texas Rangers emblem I purchased from Stitched By Design on etsy.  I have several of her sports logo patterns and have stitched the Houston Astros and Tampa Bay Rays for the hubby.  (I believe they've both had design changes since I finished those lol)

Logan is still being home schooled and still hates doing the work lol.  I've tried something new again this year and it seems to help....when he's in the mood to actually do the work.  I've made a video of myself reading each of the stories for his monthly curriculum.  When it's time to do the work I simply go to my youtube channel and pull up the stories.  He loves to hear me read and watch the video of the pages turning (not to mention it helps when the curriculum website is slow due to high volume).  Win win for me all around :D  (except in the hour it takes to read all the stories, make the videos and post them for him, but he's well worth it)

My eldest is a senior and will be graduating in a few short weeks.  EEK!  WHERE has the time gone???  She finally got herself a my FAVORITE food establishment.  Okay, I never eat anything there anymore I just go for the coffee :D  DUNKIN DONUTS!!!  We have three in our city and last year the oldest one was getting a new roof but as with older buildings wiring gets a little temperamental and it ended up catching on fire.  It has been shut since then.  They kept the signs up so we were thinking they'd eventually rebuild it. Thanks to the hurricane damage everywhere this past October they just got pushed a little further back.  They will be open by the end of this month and when they do, that's where she's going.  In the meantime, they have her training in the one just down the road from us so I make her walk after school when she's working.   For the record, family members do NOT get any kind of discount.  Employees can have ALLLLLL the coffee they want while on duty, as long as they bring their own cup.  How fair is that????  I guess I'll be getting a job there someday when they open 24 hours....I'll take the night shift :D

The other two are in 5th and 6th grade this year and can't stand to be around each other anymore.  Sigh, I do hate when they grow up.  I remember a time when those two were inseparable and if one got put into timeout the other would sit in there with them.  Yeah, not so much anymore....looking forward to next school year when they'll be in different schools.  Perhaps, THEN they will be nicer to each other.  Miracles DO happen, I know they do and will pray for one.  Teenagers......or the ones that THINK they already are have the worst attitudes. :(

I hope everyone is getting lots of stitching done and are able to enjoy the beautiful spring weather we are having.....ok, the spring weather YOU are having.  Last week it was 90 one day and 69 the next.   I have a sneaking suspicion that Mother Nature has menopause.  What do YOU think??