Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm here!

I'm still here....really....I am!!!

I've been busy with work, taking care of the kids, getting ready and then having a yard sale, taking care of the kids, cleaning the house etc. etc. etc.  It's been crazier than normal around here lately but for the most part it's been fun.  Well, most of it has anyways.  The kids have all been sick except for one (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!) at least twice in the last three weeks.  What the heck is up with that??  Every time I get them well and back in school, I turn around within two days have someone else home with me.  Jeepers!

I got tired of the ornaments or at least I found something else to stitch that grabbed my eye.  I don't have an pictures yet but I will get to them soon I hope. lol  I started on LHN Snowflakes and I'm loving it!  I have been doing a lot of frogging though but even with that, I'm still loving the stitching and can't wait to finish it.  I should have started from the middle and worked my way out so that the outer band would have been easier to stitch.  lol  I'm stitching it on 32 count linen that I purchased along with the pattern for it from 123stitch.  I've done some stitching over two in the past and didn't like it.  Now, however, I'm loving it!!!  Weird, I know!  I seem to relax more when stitching over two which might be the cause of all the frogging (that and trying to watch a movie at the same time lol)  I actually started this while watching The Christmas Carol for the first time this year.  The new one with Jim Carrey.  Love it! 

I've also been busy trying to clean up the playroom and move things around so I can start putting up the Christmas decorations up.  That's always a fun time.....hmmmm.....wellllll, they sure look pretty when I'm done. lol  We finally broke down and purchased a new DVD player on Black Friday.  They were cheap so we bought two.  I know, you're thinking why in the world would you buy two???  One word......LOGAN!  He destroys them so we had to figure out how to get it in the playroom high enough where he couldn't climb to get to it.  (and still I didn't trust that he won't find a way to get to it so I urged DH to pick up the 2nd one just in case)  Heck, at $19.99 each they were a heck of a deal, right??  All day Saturday I cleaned and moved things around so DH could do his magic and move the shelf over and up so the kids could sit in the playroom and watch their movies.  Crack me up, but the whole time they had to watch movies in the living room Logan wanted to watch Christmas Carol or Toy Story 2.  I have had my fill of both......maybe.....ok, I've had my fill of TS2 at least lol.

I gave up on the notion of getting the tree and decorations up yesterday as I was too tired from all the cleaning, cooking and playing nursemaid to the kids all week.  I'm going to do all that decorating next Saturday.  It will take all day so maybe I will have DH get all the boxes down on Thursday and I will do everything except for decorat the tree on Friday.  Hmmmm, we shall see. lol

Well, I've bent your ear long enough.  I can't put off doing the dishes any longer...that and the stupid washer is already done with the load of laundry. lol  Hope everyone has a wonderful week and next post I hope to have some pics to show you of the other ornaments I finished and a progress pic of Snowflakes!


Denise said...

My Logan has a VCR fall on his head because he couldn't wait for me to change the movie. At least the DVD player is lighter! ;0)

Good luck decorating! Hope the kids are well soon!

Smiles - Denise

Cheryl said...

Good luck decorating! I think im going to start today as we're snowed in and looking to pass some time!
Hope everyone stays healthy in your house :-)

Meari said...

I hope everyone stays healthy at least for a little while :) Looking forward to seeing pics!

Sharon said...

Wow, you have been a busy mama! I hope everyone feels better soon. Take care of yourself too! :)