Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ohhhh the weather outside is frightful!

Gotcha! No, really, it is white stuff coming out of the sky but you can barely see it. It's more sleet than snow but hey, who cares! The kids and I just got back in from playing in it. There's nothing really on the ground that you can see unless you count the stuff that the tent collected. The girls had a mini snowball (ok, ice ball) fight. They grabbed the little bit of white stuff that had collected on the tent I threw outside the day before in a cleaning fit. I watched while they ran around the yard looking up at the sky. They had their mouths open trying to collect some white snow/sleet on their tongues. They are saying that this is supposed to stick around for another two hours but the temp is around 35 so I believe our chances of more snow are gone.

I didn't think to grab my camera to show you the tiny amount of white stuff that had accumulated. Sorry about that, now I guess it will be another 22 years before I get another chance to take a picture. lol By then, I'll hopefully have some grandkids and my kids will be the ones outside freezing their butts off in their jammies and slippers. Oh, I could go out back and take a picture of the slide so you can see I'm not telling a big whopper of a story but you will have to wait until I can get warm again. Sorry, this New England girl's blood has thinned out so much that I can't stand being in the 35 degree weather for very long anymore. Remember when we had a Christmas where the windchill was at -40????? I'd freeze instantly in that kind of weather now. lol I'll go out in a minute and get some pics of our "snow" and post them for you to laugh at with me.

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