Friday, October 16, 2009

I am a total flipping Idiot!!!!!

I can't believe how incredibly STUPID I am!!!!!!!! Here is where I have to tell you how badly I've neglected my stitching corner. I haven't touched it other than to throw more patterns and projects on the pile. Last night, I decided I couldn't stand to look at that mess any more and started going through the massive mess. Horrors!!! What did I discover???!!! My package of finishes for Donna's Stitching for a Cure tree was still sitting there waiting to be mailed to her. I must have moaned or whimpered because DH asked me what on earth was the matter. This week has been a pretty crappy week when it comes to my stupidity. This was the second stupid thing I discovered I did or in this case, didn't do at all. I now get to do the crawl of shame to let Donna know how totally mortified I am for my own stupidity.

What else could I possibly have done to top this you ask? Well, lets see, hmmmm. Our computer has been slower than normal, couple that with the fact that I knew I had to download/upload a computer program from the data entry company that I will be doing subcontract work for soon. I decided to remove all my cross stitch patterns and pictures from the computer and put them on one of my flash drives. I thought I knew what was on the flash drive so I formatted it without checking it first. I then copied all files to the drive and deleted them from the computer. After I did this I checked the amount of room left on the drive and was a little concerned as I had a lot (a ton actually) of extra free space left. This wouldn't have been the case if I had actually used the right flash drive. I spoke to my DH and asked if he had saved anything to a flash. No, thankfully, he hadn't. Yes, you would think I should have asked him this before I formatted the stupid drive.

A couple of months ago, we received some much needed software so I could work with Logan on his speech and other therapies at home. We had an older computer that wasn't being used so I set that up for him. At that time, I removed all our family pictures and put them on a flash drive and deleted everything else from that computer. Do you see where I'm going with this yet??? When the truth hit me, I thought I was going to be physcially sick. Most of those pictures, gone, wiped out, never to be seen again. I do, thankfully, have some that we had printed out but the majority are completely gone. Add this stupidity to what I discovered last night and I think you can get the picture of how totally miserable I feel right now.

I do have some progress pics of all the stitching I have done lately but I think you can understand why I'd rather not touch any picture at this particular time. I will get back on here sometime this weekend and post them. Right now, I have to e-mail Donna and try to explain my stupidity.


Cindy F. said...

Oh Terry! I'm so sorry these things have happened to you. How many times have we all done these kinds of things? Don't beat yourself up girl! You didn't do it intentionally...and you're NOT stupid:) Sending you big hugs and big wishes for a much better week!

Meari said...

Oh, Terry.... I feel for you in losing all your pics! Now, I have an external hard drive that I backup everything to in addition to CD's and flash drives. Flash drives do fail, ya know. ;-)

At least you found the ornies and hopefully mailed them off?

Carolyn NC said...

Big hugs to you! So sorry to hear of your computer problems.

mainely stitching said...

I have weeks like that too. ((((HUGS!))))

Mylene said...

So sorry to hear of the mess about the pictures. Maybe ther's still a way to get it back(not sure but that was one of hubby's work before) Can't ask him now as he is away for 4 weeks.