Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Conversations with children

While reading some other blogs, I happened upon At the Honeysuckle Tree's post today. It got me thinking of all the cute conversations (and not so cute) that the kids have with each other and with me each day. I try to remember the cuter ones and fill DH in at the end of the day but more often than not I don't think about it again until he's gone again. I don't think I will tell him about the first one. ;)

Each day, I have to get all four up and ready to go. I have three that go to school and one that stays home with me. The older two ride the bus but the three year old is too little (Yeah, I know it's all me!) and I take him and pick him up every day.

Katie "Mommy, what did that moron do?" after I commented on another driver and their "wonderful" driving skills. Oooh that could have been SOOOOO much worse. Whew; got lucky there.

Ryan "NO! we're going THAT way!" this conversation/argument happens every SINGLE day on the way to school. Katie will say "NO! we're going THIS way!" The thing that always cracks me up about this conversation is that they are both pointing the EXACT SAME WAY. I know other drivers are wondering why I'm laughing so hard. Ohhh if they only knew.

Standing outside waiting for the bus to come for the older two the other day:
Me "Marie, did you brush your hair today?"
Marie "YES MOM!" hmmmm
Me "Are you sure you did, your hair is sticking up like you put your finger in a light socket?!"
Marie as she is combing her fingers through her hair "Yes, I did, see?!" uhhhhh
Me "You have to use a brush, NOT your fingers!" OY! I then have a brain fart; she sees me do this each and EVERY morning. I have to brush Logan's hair (with my fingers) again after we get outside to wait because he deliberately messes it up as soon as I take a brush to it. Me"uh, well, uh, just use the brush tomorrow okay honey?"

Ryan "DON'T you DARE touch that!" Huh, what the?!?!?! Okaaaay. Well, it would seem he's watched Frosty the Snowman one too many times. Katie proceeded to go right along with him and they acted out the scene where Santa and the magician have it out about the magical hat. Not just once either; they acted out this scene at least five times until Marie joined in and really got them going. I was laughing so hard by the time they got bored with it that I had to go sit down before I passed out from lack of oxygen.

Okay, this one is from way way back when Marie was about two years old. I've always been the Mom that kissed the boo boos to make them feel better. It didn't matter if it was an unwashed (yuck!) foot or finger I did it. If it was bleeding, I would clean it, bandage it and kiss it several times. Well, after this I had to draw the line. She fell and scraped her bottom and came running for me. My little angel says "MOMMEEEEEEE! I hurt my butt, will you kiss it for me?" Me "Uhhhhh, no honey I can't do that. It's fine, you don't need a kiss." Okay, I think she just grew horns, "MOMMY! KISS! MY! BUTT!" Did she do this at home where no one would hear?!?! Nooooooo, she did this (on the playground) at daycare when all the other parents were picking their kids up. It's true, no one can embarrass you the way your kids can.


At the Honeysuckle Tree said...

Hilarious :) Out of the mouths of babes. I say moron a lot, by the way. I guess we have the same drivers near us. LOL

Enjoyed your blog!

Meari said...

ROFL!!! They're all cute, but the last one takes the cake. Kiss... My Butt! LOLOL

CindyMae said...

LMAO!!! Those are just too funny!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Carolyn NC said...

How cute! Great stories!