Sunday, April 20, 2008

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

This is from the cross stitch group I'm in that has a topic of the week. Hmmmmm, what is my favorite guilty pleasure??? I think I'd have to say sitting in a nice big bathtub full of bubbles with a scented candle burning, reading a good book with a nice cup of coffee or tea sitting on the edge of the tub and maybe a bar of chocolate to dunk into the hot beverage. I know, I know taking a bath shouldn't be a guilty pleasure, but at our house it's a little different. With four kids, two of whom are autistic it makes for little relaxation time. I rarely get to have a nice relaxing bath away from everyone. So when I get to it's absolute heaven; even though I hear the kids (whomever is still awake at that time) screaming for something. All the while Daddy pulls his hair out trying to keep them all happy while I have some nice down time.

I have to admit that when I do get to have a nice bubble bath (Calgon take me away!!! you know those moments) that I make the water as hot as I can stand it. Well, maybe a little hotter than that and then I sit in there until it's almost too cool to stand it. I try to do that but most times life has a way of butting in to my down time. I take these "guilty pleasures" whenever I can as it's my only time away from the kids.

This life also makes it hard to find time to stitch but I've decided that it's my only way to take the stress level down a notch or two. I'm trying to set aside some time each night to stitch whether I do that the entire time or just for a few minutes, as long as I have some time to stitch I'm happy. I had a humdinger of a headache last night (which is still here this morning on a smaller scale thank goodness!) so I knew I couldn't do any stitching especially not my Thomas Kinkade. I decided to find another smaller pattern that would be a quick finish. I had a hard time with that so I have probably four to six patterns to choose from when my head calms down to a duller roar sometime today. Thank goodness it's Sunday!

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Meari said...

Mmmmm! I love the same kind of bath... I do the same thing too... as hot as I can stand and stay in until the water's cold. Sometimes I'll take a book or magazine, sometimes I'll stitch. :D