Monday, March 17, 2008


Here is the finished stitching for Marie's remote control holder that I still need to put the actual holder on with it. I'm still debating on what color material to use to finish this. I have a dark forest green or a black and am leaning toward the green. I purchased the black to finish the curtains in the playroom when I went to visit Mom on Wednesday and haven't had a chance to do anything with it. If I choose to use the black on this project I will need to finish the curtains first to make sure I have enough material.
I spent this weekend trying to clean up the bathroom clutter and trying to potty train Katie the three year old. All miss and no hit with the potty training on Saturday so I took yesterday off to just breathe and I start again today and will continue with it until she's done. I hope to get the curtains done today and Marie's project too if all goes well. In between potty breaks and laundry folding I should have time to do that and play with the little ones. Therapy is switched around this week (at least I think it is as we played phone tag with the rescheduling) so I will be extremely busy with therapies tomorrow and nothing again until Saturday. Whew! So whatever I do not get done today I will work on Wednesday. I'm hoping (praying more like it!) that I can get Katie trained sooner rather than later but she seems to hate the potty and I'm not sure why. I'm telling her that all her favorite cartoon characters go pee pee in the potty over and over and over so I hope this will eventually sink into her brain. Wouldn't it be wonderful to only have two in diapers?!?!?!

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Meari said...

Wow! That makes me tired just reading about all the stuff you're doing. ;-) Good luck with the potty training.